QI Wireless Charger for iPhone Android & C-Type

  • Rs.499.00 - Rs.1,350.00

  • Compatible with any device that has Qi receiver.(Full list below)
  • Design with the good retail packing.
  • Small size and great power convenient and helpful.

wireless charging support mobile list

Samsung S8 & S8 Plus,S9 & S9 Plus Galaxy Note 8 Also Supports

Note: If your mobile model is not mentioned above then you have to buy wireless charging receiver separately. (Select from option)

To get good charging results your wall charger must be 5V and more than 2A DC.

Under the existing technical conditions, heating is a normal phenomenon when the charger is charging. No wireless charging can completely avoid the heating of the coil. All the products are tested strictly. Please use them without worry

Input: DC4.3V-5.5V / 1.5-2A

Output: DC 5V± 0.1V / 500-1000mAh

Charging Power: 5W (max)

Conversion Efficiency: >73%

Transmission Distance: 10mm (max)

Weight: 73g

Size: 91x91x8mm

wireless charger buy in pakistan

wireless charger buy in pakistan

wireless charger for s7Edge


Questions & Answers

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  • Are iphone 6 and samsung galaxy j5 2016 compatible with this one?

    No dear, to make them compatible you need to buy charging receiver also with it.

  • This Wireless charger c9pro sapported ????

    You have to buy wireless charge receiver also.

  • Is it use for oppo ??? F7???

    To use with oppo F7 you need to buy wireless charge receiver also.

  • Is this compatible with Nokia 6

    For Nokia 6 you need to buy charge receiver also,

  • What option should I select for iphone 8 Plus?

    You can select only charger no need to buy extra charge receiver.

  • What option should i select for my samsun S7 ATNT?

    Just select "Only Charger"  Because S7 is already in QI supported list.

  • Please guide me for P20 lite.

    For P20 Lite, you need to buy charger+Receiver, Please contact at our whatsapp 0336-1234501 for further details

  • Is key delivery charges hain ya just 999 ropes total hy

    Only 999 delivery is free

  • Is this wireless charger is compatible for iphone 7plus?

    For iPhone 7 Plus you need to buy charge receiver also as iPhone 7 Plus has no built-in wireless charging option.

  • Will the charger itself be connected to a socket all the time or can it work like a power bank as well ?

    Have to connect with your charging adaptor, It has no battery in it need constant power to charge wirelessly.

  • is it compatible for galaxy note 8?

    yes 100%

  • I want wireless fast charging...... What do you mean by charger and receiver ???

    If your mobile is already compatible for wireless charging then no need to buy charge receiver, please check compatible models in the description.

  • Pls tell me wireless charger Samsung galaxy S 8

    yes it is available, this charger is compatible with S8 also no need to buy extra receiver please click on add to cart and Order online or whatsapp your details at 0336-1234501

  • i have samsung s6edge is this charger is compatabel. i want to puchaae it but tell me first

    Yes this is also compatible with s6 Edge for other compatible device list please check above in info section. If you have any further question please contact at our whatsapp 0336-1234501 

  • It work for j 7 prime

    For J7 Prime you will need a wireless receiver, Please check in options Charger+Receiver(android). Select on this option and order.

  • Is this useful for S8+ ?

    Yes it is as S8+ also supports wireless charging

  • will it work with Oneplus 2?

    For OnePlus 2 wireless charging you need to buy C-Type receiver also with charger, then it will work 100%

  • I have samsung s6 edge +,i dont know about charger and reciver....is my phone suporting that wirless .... What is this reciver and do i need it for my s6edge plus....plz

    No sir for S6 Edge plus you don't need any receiver , S6 Edge plus 100% support wireless charging, buy order charger.

  • I have note 8 I have to buy only charger or receiver also

    For Note 8 no need to buy the receiver, only buy a charger.

  • Can I buy only the wireless recievers for android (micro USB) and iphone, without the charger.

    Yes you can buy it, For custom orders please order at our whatsapp number 0336-1234501

  • Is this able to charge Android s7edge and IPhone 5s

    For S7 Edge no need for extra receiver, for iPhone 5s need extra receiver for iPhone

  • what is the receiver?plz explain?

    If your mobile model is not compatible of wireless charging, then you need charging receiver also. Please check compatible mobile model list.

  • Is it compatible to one plus 3T? And will I only need charger or receiver aswell?

    As OnePlus 3T officially doesn't support wireless charging, So to make it wireless compatible you need to buy C-Type receiver+wireless charger so you can make possible wireless charging in your phone. 

  • Is it for MI phone Note 3

    yes can be used 

  • I have MI Redmi Note 3, is this charger is for redmi phone , what about the back casing with Receiver for Redmi mobile adjustable .plz clarify.

    Yes you can use this charger with redmi any model but for that you have to buy charger+Receiver. And that receiver you can hide in any back cover receiver is just like a paper, so can be easily hidden in back cover.

  • i have oppo f1s how much cost for wirless charger for me ?

    For Oppo F1s you need to buy wireless receiver with it also, contact at our whatsapp number 0336-1234501

  • for Lenovo Vibe z2 is this suitable?

    yes, with it you have to buy wireless charger receiver also please select from options.

  • Wireless charger for honor 6x?

    for Honor 6X you have to buy wireless charge receiver also please select from options, Charger+Receiver micro

  • Can we use it for Samsung galaxy a5 2017

    yes you can, but you will need to buy its charge receiver also.

  • Will it work with huwawei mate 10 lite

    Yes it will work, But you have to buy Charge receiver also.

  • I have iphone 7 is it compatible for my phone

    For iPhone 7 you need to buy charge receiver also, for further details please inbox at our facebook page or whatsapp 0336-1234501

  • Will it work for mi max 2

    Yes, but for that you need to buy charge receiver also.

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